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Jane Frances (Shutter) Millar

January 19, 1936 ~ June 22, 2018 (age 82)

Jane Frances Millar passed away on June 22, 2018 in her sleep in her home in Palmyra, PA. She was 82 years old. Jane is one of 6 daughters of Harry and Helen Shutter, former owners of Shutter's Potato Chips. Jane had 6 children of her own, 5 of whom survive today. 

Jane was a home maker for 18 years while married to Robert J. Millar, whom she had all her children with. She and Robert married very young, Jane being only 17, Robert being 23. Jane did part time modeling, and with her being so young, Robert  would have to sign for her contracts. She had modeled for the famous photographer Bunny Yeager in Miami. She also modeled with infamous Betty Page. 
Jane and Robert had divorced in the late 60's and she became a single parent since then, never remarrying. In order raise her children, she went to work as a waitress, later becoming a barmaid, and was loved by everyone she worked with. She had many encounters with VIP's and celebrities in her career in the Hershey area that she enjoyed telling stories about. She was always well received by everyone, and employers found her to be a major asset to their businesses. One story in particular was when she met the late comedian pianist, Victor Borge, whom was performing in Hershey back in the 70's. His humor found a great home with her while she was serving him and his guests. Jane happened to be a big fan, and she shared his type of humor, making their encounter hit it off quite well. 

Jane was very much a people person who loved to be around people, which made her career satisfying in that regard. In her personal life, she had many struggles trying to make ends meet and dealing with many obstacles. She was very good at hiding her problems to the public, but suffered quietly alone many times. Her health began to fail in the 90's, and she battled stage 4 cancer between 2010-2013. Her health since then slowly deteriorated. She had a new grandson in 2014 that seemed to have kept her fighting for her life and gave reason to live. He brought so much joy to her life, and she spent a lot of time with him. She was able to make it to his 4th birthday in June before she passed away a few days later. 

With life, we can say there is no such thing as perfect, although we wish it to be attained. Jane was a perfectionist who always had to have things in order and strove to make her life that way as much as possible. She had many personal battles, but still managed to keep her dignity by not allowing others to intervene. Her pride was sometimes her downfall in many of her struggles by not asking for help, but in the end, she died with her own dignity in tact. She always wanted to be remembered for her independence, never asking for a handout, and being responsible for her own problems. She has earned that respect if nothing else. She will be missed for the strong headed character and soft hearted, humorous person she was. May God bless her and keep her in his arms. 

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